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    Right to Buy

    Are you eligible to buy your council house? If you have been in a property for more than 3 years than you could have the right to buy. This was a recent change; in May 2015, the law was changed so that the time spent in a property was reduced from 5 years to 3 years.

    Below is the criteria that you must meet to be eligible for right to buy:

    • You must be a council tenant.
    • The property must be your only or main home.
    • You must have been living in the property for more than three years.
    • You must not have any legal debt problems.
    • You must not have any outstanding possession orders against you.
    • Your property must not have a demolish order against it.

    Finally, the property must not be considered a shelter accommodation or a suitable housing for the disabled or elderly.

    If you have met all the above criteria, then you may look at financing of the remaining balance and whether the application will be a joint application.

    ![right to buy](/content/images/2016/11/right-to-buy.jpeg-1.jpg)

    Joint Applications for Right to Buy

    When pursuing a joint application, then the person joining you on the application must be a spouse or a civil partner or family members (up to three) that have been living with you at the property in question as their main home for more than 12 months. They do not have to be on the tenancy agreement. Another person that could be on the application is a person, whether family or not, that has been on the tenancy agreement with you.

    Finance Options

    There is no specific law that states how the rest of the property value, after the right to buy discount has been applied, can be paid for.

    If you decide to use the option of a family member or another person helping you by giving you the sum, then this can cause issues over who actually owns the property. It is stated that a family member or another third-party can pay the remaining value, but the ownership will be with the person or persons that were on the tenancy agreement and on the application for Right to Buy.

    People who are currently living in housing association are not currently covered under the Right to Buy scheme however, the government are looking to include housing association.

    As with all areas and matters of law be vigilant when using outside companies that may try to offer you advice. Do your research and ensure they do not try to charge you for things that you did not know carried a charge.

    This quiz will tell you instantly if you would be considered for the Right to Buy scheme.

    Our Conveyancing Solicitors in Birmingham and Manchester can offer their advice on a range of issues involved with right to buy, contact us to book your free consultation today.

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