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    Employment Law & HR Roundup 23/07 – 29/07

    Welcome to your essential weekly Employment Law & HR briefing.

    In this instalment, our weekly Employment Law & HR roundup will focus on the mental health of your employees, the ‘gig economy’, ‘contagious’ leadership behaviours and the response from a group of BBC employees following the gender pay gap revealed last week.

    Should HR encourage staff to take sick days for mental health?

    In previous years, improved awareness and an increasingly open attitude towards mental health has helped to reduce the stigma that once surrounded it. However, the affect that conditions such as depression or anxiety have on the daily lives of millions of people cannot be underestimated.

    Recent studies indicate that 12.7% of all sickness absence days in the UK can be attributed to mental health conditions and that 34% of employees in the UK are facing health and well-being problems.

    In this article, HR News discuss the extent to which businesses can be effected by the mental health of their employees and how employers can help to manage mental illness in the workplace.

    The gig economy - friend or foe?

    Following the release of the Taylor Review, the gig economy has been in almost constant media discussion.

    Receiving criticism for being exploitative and praise for the flexibility it facilitates, it can be difficult to know where to stand when it comes to the gig economy.

    Focusing on both the pros and the cons of the tech fueled work offered by large companies like Deliveroo and Uber, HR Grapevine ask whether the gig economy is a friend or a foe.

    Read more.

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    UK businesses risk “contagious” leadership

    Research suggests that 74% of professionals actively emulate the behaviour they see in their colleagues.

    But whilst imitation is an essential part of learning and it is promising to see employees looking to their colleagues to demonstrate how they can work effectively, could this tendency to emulate the behaviour of fellow employees be dangerous for businesses?

    Read more about how businesses could be at risk of ‘contagious’ leadership.

    Employment Law Key Facts and Figures 2017

    Do you know the current national minimum wage for an employee aged 18-20?

    How about the compensation limit for an unfair dismissal claim?

    As an employer, you have a lot on your plate. With goals to meet, employees to manage and the day to day of your business to run, keeping up to date with the latest employment legislation can be a challenge.

    To make your life easier, the Employment Team at Wildings have compiled an Employment Law Key Facts and Figures sheet for 2017. With accurate and up to date information about a range of employment law considerations, our fact sheet is an essential resource for employers.

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    BBC pay: 10 female presenters 'set to sue public broadcaster over gender pay gap'

    Last week, the BBC shocked the UK when it revealed not only a list of its 95 highest paid employees, but a striking and undeniable gender pay gap.

    Here is the story of the household names from television and radio who have come together in revolt over the list of the corporation's highest earners

    Read more about the group of BBC employees who are reportedly set to sue the BBC.


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