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    Employment Law & HR Roundup

    At Wildings Solicitors, our Employment Team work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. But despite having different specialisms, requirements and budgets, many have the same concerns when it comes to Employment Law and HR.

    With such a wealth of information available online, knowing what is accurate, trustworthy and relevant can sometimes be tricky.

    To make it easier for our clients, subscribers and connections to keep up to date with the world of Employment Law, the Employment Team is bringing you weekly updates of relevant news and opinion from reputable sources.

    The weekly Employment Law & HR Roundup will also feature our own discussions, commentary and guidance on key issues for employers.

    This week, your essential Employment Law briefing features ‘Presenteeism’, workplace bias and the consistently controversial Uber.

    Research highlights presenteeism challenge for UK employers

    Is a negative culture surrounding sickness absence causing your employees to turn up to work when ill? A new study indicates that employees feel pressure to return to work before they have fully recovered. As well as slowing down their recovery, presenteeism affects both productivity and morale.

    Read more about how presenteeism could affect your business.

    Two fifths of UK workers experience bias in workplace

    According to a survey by Badenoch and Clark, 2 in 5 workers in the UK claim to have experienced bias due to their age, social background, sexuality or a disability. These figures show that even with so many companies taking measures to embrace diversity and the benefits it brings, workplace bias remains a key issue for employers.

    Read more about bias in the workplace.

    Uber fires 20 staff after harassment investigation

    Founded in 2009, ride-hailing app, Uber, has been met with fierce criticism and legal challenges all over the world. The recent company-wide investigation into harassment which saw the tech giants dismiss more than 20 of its employees is just the latest in a long line of high profile employment related legal matters.

    Find out more about the investigation which led CEO Travis Kalanick to resign.

    54% of business owners admit to being baffled by employment law jargon

    Riddled with abbreviations and jargon, being baffled by Employment Law terminology is certainly nothing to be ashamed of. A study conducted by Attest Market Research shows the importance of having the support of a specialist.

    Read more about the negative affect legal jargon can have on businesses.

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