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    Dismissing an Employee Fairly: Webinar Recording & Tip Sheet

    On 20 March, Employment Solicitor Neelam Afzal ran a free webinar focusing on how to dismiss an employee fairly.

    During the webinar, Neelam explained:

    • The importance of dismissing an employee fairly
    • How employees should be dismissed
    • The 5 fair reasons for dismissing an employee
    • Practical steps to reduce the risk of unfair dismissal claims
    • How to follow a fair procedure
    • How to behave reasonably
    • How to adhere appropriately to the employment contract
    • Avoiding discriminatory dismissals
    • ACAS Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance hearings
    • What constitutes towards wrongful dismissal

    Luckily, if you missed out on the webinar but have a query about dismissing an employee fairly, there is no need to worry.

    Below we have included a recording of the webinar along with a 13 point tip sheet to help employers avoid unfair dismissal claims when dismissing an employee.

    Dismissing an Employee Fairly: Webinar

    Dismissing an Employee Fairly: Tip Sheet


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