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    7 Interview Tips to Set you Apart from the Competition

    Applying for a new job and subsequently being called for an interview is always nerve wracking. Questions flood your mind: how will you come across? What if they ask you a question you are not prepared for? Do you boast about your achievements, or stay humble? How long should you hold eye contact for? What should you wear? It can all be very confusing. With our top 7 interview tips you will be able to stay calm and confident in your next job interview.

    There are several types of interview you could expect to be offered: telephone, video, face-to-face, group or an assessment centre. Although these are all slightly different, they still have the same key factors to think about when you prepare to combat nerves and impress.

    Key Interview Tips:

    1. Plan Ahead

    Plan how you will get to the venue and how long it will take. If you aim to arrive 10 minutes early, you show the employer that you are punctual without being so early that you disrupt the business.

    2. Decide on your Outfit

    The outfit you choose to wear indicates what first impression you wish to make, so always dress smartly. Also having your outfit planned and laid out the night before can prevent you needing to rush and panic on the day.

    3. Do your Research

    Whatever job you intend to go for, you are likely to be asked a question about the company you are interviewing with. To prepare for these questions, ensure you research the company, check their website(s) and any social media channels so you are ready to share your views and ideas.

    4. Research the Competition

    It is a good idea to research around the company for industry news and competitors, as this will allow you to compare and make points about what factors affect the company, not just what the company itself does.

    5. Take your Application Documents

    Remember to take a copy of your application, CV and Cover Letter. This content got you the interview so review it and prepare to answer any questions around the content.

    6. Be confident

    Being quiet and shy can often come across as disinterested, and this can lose you the job. So, stand up tall, speak clearly and make sure you stay positive and engaged in the discussion.

    7. Ask your Own Questions

    Almost every interviewer ends by asking if you have any questions. It is important that you prepare a range of questions to ask about the role or the business to show you are interested. Also, note down any questions you may think of during the interview so you are actively engaging.

    Using these interview tips can help you prepare and allow you to stay calm on the day. The best way to prepare is do your research, plan ahead and show enthusiasm for the role. Let your personality shine through, interviewers want to know that you can fit in well with the team, not just do the job well. Finally, remember to smile and be yourself.

    Do you have any tips for success in job interviews?
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